A well established marine marketing company

With over 30 years experience working within the advertising market, we have the right skills to make your business more visible on the internet. Combined with a wealth of marketing experience we know which buttons to push to get your products, services and expertise promoted through a variety of media.

Our existing client base will tell you how effective that has been over the past few years.


Responsive Websites

Google's recent mobile directive, has taken many companies by surprise. It has also resulted in some high ranking sites losing ground to the competitors who did make the leap into the mobile - responsive web arena.
We can provide fast solutions and designs to match your company's corporate image within days.

Cost Effective Solutions

Employing professional designers doesn't mean huge invoices. We deal exclusively by phone and email, so there are no charges for continuous meetings. Most of our current clients have never met us - yet know they can rely on us to keep their sites up-to-date. So drop us an email and let us show you how effective we can be.

Marine, marine and more marine

Specialising in just one industry means we can build the industry specific links that search engines such as Google enjoy. Linking to web sites outside of your industrial base no longer works - everything has to be specific to your business. So a sailmaker needs links to sailing clubs and vice versa.

Why choose us?

Our clients span many sectors of the marine industry.

Sailing, Marine Surveyors, Equipment Suppliers
Dry Docks, we even have a client that makes floating boat covers!
Our expertise in responsive design means we can produce
highly effective websites whatever the size of your business.

You'll also be amazed at our prices !

Social Media

Our dedicated team can run your social media campaigns.

Social Media is now an important part of your connection to your customer base. We've seen increased traffic to clients website from improved social media work.

We can set your social media pages up for you and manage them on a monthly basis.


Hassle free updates on time every time

Daryl Morgan, Banks Sails Ltd

Highly effective services at a very reasonable price

Kevin Harvey, Maritime Solutions

Excellent price, excellent service

Jan Ellison, BP Norse Marine

First class support !

Will Pugh, Quest Marine